Friday, March 16, 2012

When the Smoke Clears...

Premeditation.  I hate to say it, but the best crimes are usually a result of it, and with any good premeditated crime, it usually takes a great deal of time to plot, prepare, and perfect.  I want to commit a crime on the marathon, the Houston marathon to be exact.

In December 2011, after aprx 10 months of preperation, I came at the marathon like a coked up Honey Badger.  It was a hard fought fight that got the best of me after 22 miles.  I find comfort in the fact that even though I was getting beaten mercilessly over the last 4 miles, I never stopped, never walked, and I never gave up.  After some initial disappointment and a few tears, I hobbled away from that race with more knowledge of myself, a huge PR, and more importantly, a smile on my face.  But I also walked away vowing my revenge.  I was already plotting on the plane ride back to Colorado, but when one has long term plans, there are always challenges.....

Fast forward four months.  My life has never been busier.  Work, home improvements, and best of all...on February 22nd, we welcomed Joslyn Danielle into our family.

I wanted to take 2 weeks off of work for all of this, but there was a lot to attend to there as well.....2 weeks turned into 3.5 days, ugh.  8 hours of sleep turned in 5, and for my wife, 3 hours.   Finally, the smoke is starting to clear.

We are so blessed.  We have a happy and healthy baby girl, our two and a half year old loves being a big sister, my wife is having a smooth recovery, I am learning how to spread my attention out to two daughters instead of just one, I am taking on more responsibility at work, and I am still running.  How much?  Around 40-45 miles per week.  Why?  Because distance running, when boiled down to its core is simply continuing to put one foot in front of the matter what.  

As Joslyn starts sleeping longer (she is still waking up every 2 hours to feed at night), my miles will continue to increase.  I would like to get up to 55 miles per week by the end of April.  Then, the track.  Yes, the grueling, painful, only way to get faster, vomit inducing, oval of death.  I need it for the first goal of a 17:41 5k in July.  (Sorry Becky, but I am going after the family PR.  Sorry Stephen, you will never beat me again)

Then, with some new speed in my legs, I will begin formal marathon training.  

Sometimes I wonder if I am a masochist?  Perhaps I am crazy?  Nah, I am just a runner.  Goal time, 2:49, which is a 6:28 min.mi pace over 26.2 miles.  

January 13th, 2013 is still a long ways off, but I am already plotting.  Houston, you have a problem....I am going to put my foot in your.....

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  1. GET IT DAN!! Congrats on the new addition to your family, she is a heartbreaker for sure.